Blindfold Game Popularity

I was curious as to which of the Blindfold games have been the most popular since Blindfold Racer was created back in 2014.  The last time I did this, about 3 years ago, the most popular game was Blindfold Racer with 13,153 downloads.
generic bar chart
I use a service called App Annie, that interacts with the Apple iTunes store, and keeps track of downloads and purchases.  We are never told who actually purchases the games; only the number of app downloads and in-app purchases.  Apple keeps your identity and purchase history confidential.
The top 10 games based on downloads are:

  1. Blindfold Racer: 59,282
  2. Blindfold Bowling: 34,318
  3. Blindfold Barnyard: 22,588
  4. Blindfold Greeting Card: 15,240
  5. Blindfold RS Games: 11,989
  6. Blindfold Solitaire: 11,766
  7. Blindfold Word Games: 11,100
  8. Blindfold Simon: 9,837
  9. Blindfold Bingo: 9,539
  10. Blindfold Color Crush: 9,128

Any of these games can be downloaded from:

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