Blindfold Horse Racing

No, this is not a blog about blindfolding a horse, and then hoping it finds its way home.
When I heard of another game where you travel by walking two fingers on the screen, I thought that would be a great gesture for a racing game, or a sports games.  Using that gesture, I floated the idea by the blind testers, and they liked it.
fingers walking
The first step was to create an app that would recognize the walking gesture, and how fast your fingers are walking.  To give you feedback, you hear a horse walking or galloping.  The faster you walk, the faster the horse sounds.  Here’s how a walking horse sounds:
Walking Horse
And here is how a galloping horse sounds:
Galloping Horse
When you play Blindfold Horse Race, your horse starts walking as you walk your fingers.  When you speed up your finger walk, your horse starts to gallop.  As your fingers walk on the screen faster, your horse gallops faster and faster.  The testers liked the first version of the game, where the sound speeded up as they walked their fingers faster, so the next step was to make the game fun, and make sure each time you play the game, the outcome is different.
Practice mode in Blindfold Horse Race is a time trial: you try to complete one furlong as quickly as possible.  A fast horse runs a furlong in 10 to 20 seconds, and on average, most people complete the game’s time trial in 12 seconds.  Once you finish the time trial, you can race against other horses in a 5 furlong, 10 furlong or on one mile track.
We selected names of champion horses for the you to race against, and how well those horses performed.  When you race, your horse are in the center post, and the other horses are at post one and post three. You hear the horse in post 1 in your left ear and the horse in post 3 in your right ear.
Once the starting bell goes off, you must run your fingers on the screen and be the first to the finish line.
To play Blindfold Horserace, click here:

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