ObjectiveEd at Georgia AER & CSUN

The month of March was particularly busy for us – ObjectiveEd was invited to be on opposite sides of the country at the same time: Atlanta, Georgia and Los Angeles, California.
CSUN conference entrance way
We presented in Atlanta at the Georgia AER conference.  It was a great turnout – both teachers of visually impaired students (TVIs) and orientation and mobility specialists (O&Ms) were excited about our curriculum-based games, and many wanted to participate in early testing.
The following day, we accepted the Louis Braille Touch of Genius Award managed by the National Braille Press at the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference.  We would like to thank the Gibney Family Foundation for underwriting the award. The Gibney Family Foundation mission is to develop sustainable resources for organizations that foster independence, primarily for those who are blind, through close partnerships.
If you would like us to present at your conference or organization, please reply to this email or contact me.

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