Objective Ed at Texas AER

Last month, we were invited to present our suite of Gamified Educational apps to teachers at the Texas AER conference.  Over 100 teachers of visually impaired students showed up; it was standing-room only.
teachers attending the session
We demonstrated several of the games that are moving into pilot testing this month: Barnyard, Simon and Gesture.
The idea underlying all ObjectiveEd educational games is that you, as a teacher, can select the skill that you want to focus on this week, and the game adjusts itself to concentrate on that skill.
For example, with Barnyard, you can start with basic up & down swiping actions.   Before the game starts, the child is told to swipe up to move the cow to the top fence, and the swipe down to move the sheep to the bottom fence.  When the game starts, a cow appears on the screen, moo-ing, and the child is reminded to swipe up.
All Objective Ed games are equally accessible for blind, low vision and sighted students. For a blind child, they are audio games.  For a low vision child, the games have larger icons.  For a sighted child, the games have full animation.
If she swipes up, the cow is happy and the child earns points.  If she swipes in any other direction, the cow is unhappy, and she doesn’t earn points.  Likewise for the sheep.
As the game proceeds, reminders are spoken less and less, and the child must remember when she hears the cow, swipe up; when she hears the sheep, she must swipe down.  Each level in the game uses different animals with different directionalities, making game exciting and challenging.
That’s just one of the 65 levels in this game; each level enables a child to have fun practicing a different combination and difficulty of directionality skills.  ObjectiveEd games can be configured to advance from level to level automatically, or you can keep that progression under your control.
At the highest level, the child is mastering compass directions, clock directions and touch & drag skills.  You can monitor on the child’s progress on a web dashboard.
Check out the Objective Ed website for more information.

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