Blindfold Video Intro

Kim Charlson, President of the American Council of the Blind, was one of the first visually impaired people who gave me feedback on Blindfold Racer.  She and three colleagues played Blindfold Racer all night long, so that when we met the next morning, they could tell me what they liked and didn’t like about that game.
She and I were talking the other day, and she told me how many people appreciate Blindfold Video (it’s a completely free app).
video camera with cartoon face
Here’s the instructions on how to use it:

Why use it?

We’ve had lots of people ask for a video recorder that starts recording automatically. Using the iPhone Video Camera in voice-over mode can be burdensome, especially when it’s critical to record something, or you are highly stressed.
For example, recording a video helps you when:

  • Another dog attacks your dog.
  • Someone is denying you service because of your vision impairment.
  • You feel you are in danger.

How to use the first time

Before the app is fully set up, when you start Blindfold Video, the menu screen appears. The app will ask for permission to access the camera, microphone and photo library. If you do not grant permission, this app cannot work.
Make your first recording by pressing the RECORD NOW button.
It will start recording from the rear camera, not the camera on the screen. Hold the phone with the screen facing your body, and aim the camera at the scene you want to record.
Record your first video for about five seconds, then tap twice with fingers. To return to the menu screen, swipe up with three fingers.
You can check on your video by pressing on the MOVIES button. That will switch you to the PHOTOS app, and you can view or listen to the most recent video recording.

Setting up video recording with auto-start

After you’ve created your first video, in the menu screen, press the button APP STARTS IN MENU MODE, TAP TO CHANGE.
Now that button reads APP STARTS IN VIDEO RECORD MODE.
Stop this app with the App Switcher. Start Blindfold Video again, and it will automatically video record from the rear camera.
To get back to the menu screen, tap the screen twice with one finger, then swipe up with three fingers.

Alternate Gestures

You can also use the magic stop and start gesture used with voiceover videos on iPhone: tap twice with 2 fingers.

Your videos

Your videos can be viewed or listened to in the PHOTOS app. As you move from video to video, voice-over will announce the date and time of each video. You can share your video by tapping on the SHARE button, and send it via text message, email or copy it to your iCloud account or Dropbox folder (if you have Dropbox installed).

Screen autolock

While video is being recorded, the screen will not auto lock or dim, even if your phone is in low battery mode. When not recording, or in the main menu, your iPhone will autolock as always.

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