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A few weeks ago, eSchool News published an article entitled “3 digital developments for visually impaired students” by Dianne Brauner.  She writes:
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“One of the most exciting frontiers in the visually impaired educational arena today involves bold startup software companies, such as Objective Ed, that are responding to the need for accessible, age-appropriate educational apps and materials. Developers at these companies have recognized that the core features of mainstream apps–such as curriculums with built-in progress monitoring and adaptive assessments–should be echoed in what is available for the visually impaired community.
“A wide variety of accessible games allow teachers of the visually impaired to pick skills based on their students’ Individualized Educational Plans; some of the games are designed to adjust during play to focus on building those skills, so the student learns while being entertained. Games are designed evaluate students’ progress as well. Teachers and parents can monitor students’ progress on a web dashboard.
“By applying the motivational power of gamification, more effective learning can take place. One way to do this is by applying rewards to the learning process. Incentives like good grades, virtual rewards (titles, badges, points) and leveling up encourage students to participate more often and keep them coming back for more.
“The benefits of these games to schools are many: Students learn faster and discover intrinsic motivation; they practice and master skills by themselves; teachers’ time is used for new material instead of repeating lessons; and students achieve self-sufficiency quicker.
The full article can be read here:
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