Objective Ed at TATN

We had a great turnout a few weeks ago in our workshop at the Texas Assistive Technology Conference.
teacher at the Objective Ed workshop
The Texas Assistive Technology Regional Conference is sponsored by the Texas Assistive Technology Network (TATN) and the Texas Education Agency (TEA).   Assistive Technology enables students with disabilities to access the curriculum, increase independence, and participate actively in education and life activities.
We showed short videos of students playing several of the games: Barnyard, Simon, Speed Gesture, Audio Memory and Sound Search.  Since many of the teachers worked in assistive technology, they were most interested in games that related to assistive tech.
We also demonstrated two of the Braille Sheets games: Braille Quiz and Braille Words Hunt.
Here’s how Braille Quiz works:

  • You create a short story and some questions using the Objective Ed web-dashboard, and print it out the story on a braille embosser.
  • You place the sheet of braille on an iPad, and start the Objective Ed iPad app “Braille Quiz”
  • The game speaks your question, such as “What animal quacks?” or “Something that you chew”.
  • The student reads the braille sentences, looking through your story for the word “duck” for the firs question and “gum” for the second, and then double taps on the iPad.

It’s a great tool for early braille learners, and it’s designed to let you provide your own lesson content (stories and questions), and share those with other teachers using our Professional Network.
For more information, visit http://objectiveEd.com

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