Survey: Is COVID-19 impacting your students? 19 organizations want to help!

How is COVID-19 impacting students with visual impairments, their TVIs, and O&M instructors?
Like many of you, ObjectiveEd has concerns. We’ve partnered with 18 other companies, organizations and universities to launch a survey so that we’re better informed and can use information learned to shape education for our students.

Please complete this survey if you are:

  • A family member or guardian of a child with a visual impairment
  • A teacher of students with visual impairment (TVI)
  • An orientation and mobility (O&M) instructor

Here are the 19 organizations, companies, and universities which have developed the Access and Engagement to Education for Students with Visual Impairments survey.
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The survey is open until May 13 at 5 PM eastern. The survey is available in both English and Spanish at:
We want to hear from all families, all TVIs, and all O&M instructors serving children, whether or not services are currently occurring.

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