Ralph and Mary Claire

In these days of uncertainty, I wanted to share a pleasant story from an  email we received a few weeks ago.
Mary Claire- and Ralph in a bowling alley
While we at ObjectiveEd  are focusing our efforts on providing distance learning for students with vision impairments, it’s nice to hear from fans of our earlier work.  It’s emails like this that inspires our work in ObjectiveEd.   (I’ve edited the email a little for readability).
“My name is Mary Claire, and I’m writing on behalf of your biggest fan and my best friend Ralph. Ralph is a guy who knows what he likes – Chocolate Milk, Sponge-bob, Mac & Cheese with pepper, and (the Blindfold) Games.
“Ralph has been playing your games since they came out. From Blindfold Bowling to Travel Cards, Ralph will play the games till he’s reached 10,000 or more runs. Every time he reaches a benchmark in the thousands, he eagerly posts it on his facebook for all to see.
“Your games have changed Ralph’s life, and on behalf of those who love him – thank you. I’m writing all this because, Ralph’s birthday is coming up on May 25th and nothing would mean more to him than a message from you saying happy birthday. I was planning on making him a bowling shirt that says “Blindfold Bowling MVP”, but a message from you confirming that would brighten his day more than you can know.
Thank you for taking the time to read this on behalf of Ralph and all those who love him dearly. I hope you are remaining safe and sound in these unpredictable times, and hope to hear from you soon. Best, Mary Claire.”
Yes, Mary, all of us at ObjectiveEd will be sending him birthday wishes.

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