Blindfold 3-D Tic Tac Toe

User Guide

Blindfold 3-D Tic Tac Toe is a fully accessible puzzle, for both sighted and visually impaired people, designed for rapid audio play.
This game was suggested by a teacher for visually impaired students who noticed that blind people do far better at mental 3-D tic tac toe than do sighted people.
3D Tic Tac Toe, is an abstract strategy board game for two players.
It is similar in concept to traditional tic-tac-toe but is played on 3 levels: top, middle and bottom.  The objective of the game is to be the first player to form a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of three checkers on one level, or across three levels.
On each level, the grid is laid out in rows and columns, where
the columns are labeled “A”,”B”, and “C”, and the rows are labeled “1”, “2”, and “3”.\
There are three levels: top, middle and bottom.
To get three in a row on one level, you could have checkers in spots A,1, and A,2, and A,3.
Or you could have A,1, and B,1, and C, 1.
Or you could go diagonally, A,1, and B,2, and C,3.
You can also get 3 in a row across levels, in a vertical line, such as top level, A, 1, and middle level, A, 1, and bottom level, A, 1.
Or you can get 3 in a row in a two-dimensional diagonal, such as top level, A, 1, and middle level, B, 1, and bottom level, C, 1,
Or you can get 3 in a row in a three-dimensional diagonal such as top level, A, 1, and middle level, B, 2, and bottom level, C, 3.
You always go first.
Swipe one finger left, right, up or down to move through the grid in any level.
To move between levels, swipe two fingers up or down.
As you move, you are told where your cursor is. If there’s a checker in the spot, you are told which color checker it is.
Your checkers are always red, your opponent’s checkers are always black.
Double tap one finger to place your red checker into the spot.
If all 27 positions have been filled with checkers, the game is a tie.

Alternative Numbering

If you want to hear the positions as level and a spot number from 1 to 9 within a level, you can change that in the settings screen.
The bottom level is “A”, the middle level is “B”, and the top level is “C”.
The bottom row are spots 1,2, and 3, the middle row are spots 4,5, and 6, and the top row are spots 7,8, and 9.
Hence “A”, 5 is the middle position in the bottom level, and “C”, 9 is the upper right corner of the top level.

Levels and Complexity

In practice mode, the computer will pick a random legal move. You should usually win.
In each level, the computer will look ahead that many moves, to compute the best move.
For example, in level 1, the computer just picks the next move that either wins the game, or prevents you from winning.
In level 2, the comptuer looks at the next 2 moves: all possibilities for his move, then your move, to pick the best move.
In level 3, the computer looks at the next 3 moves: all possibilities for his move, then your move, then his move, and so on.


To post your winning score to twitter, facebook or game center, tap twice with 2 fingers after the game is over.
Use the settings screen to specify which social network to use.