Blindfold Air Hockey


Blindfold Air Hockey is a fully accessible air hockey game for both sighted and visually impaired people, designed for rapid audio play.
You control this game using iPhone gestures, and the game is most fun when using ear-buds, headphones, or blue-tooth stereo speakers.
First, in the main menu, select one of the Air Hockey games.
This is a two player game of Air Hockey, where you and your opponent use a mallet to hit the puck, so that it lands in the other player’s goal.
The game ends after 7 pucks are played; the player with the most number of goals wins.
You control your mallet with your finger.
You will hear your actions and game information in a woman’s voice, and the other player’s’ actions in a man’s voice.
To start each round of the game, tap the screen to place your puck on the table.
Then swipe your finger to hit the puck towards your opponent’s goal. You opponent’s goal is at the top center of the iPhone.
If you swipe directly towards the top of the iphone, the puck will move towards your opponent’s goal.
If you swipe to the upper left or upper right, it will move towards the left and right corners, respectively.
After your opponent hits the puck back to your side of the table, you have several moves.
If the puck isn’t heading for your goal, you can simply let the puck bounce off of the back wall.
Or, if the puck is heading for your goal, you can position your mallet so the puck hits your mallet and bounces back to the opponent’s side.
Or, you can move your mallet towards the puck. Once your mallet is aligned with the puck, you will hear ding, and then you can swipe your mallet to the upper left, or upper right, or almost any direction to shoot the puck back towards the opponent’s goal.
If you find the puck is moving only side to side, or seems to be stuck in the center, and you want to nudge towards your goal, so you can hit it again, swipe down with 3 fingers.
As the puck is moving around the table, you will hear a swishing sound. When the puck is aligned with your mallet, the swishing sound will be in the center of your head.
Using the SETTINGS screen, you can change the size of the mallet and the size of the goal.
The game starts out with you playing against a beginner opponent, and who hits the puck lightly, so it moves slowly. Once you beat this opponent, you can move to the next opponent, who hits the puck a little faster. There are 16 opponents in this game, and you must beat each opponent to move to the next level.
To go back to the main menu, swipe up with 3 fingers.

Playing For Free – How to earn and use coins

To start a game, you will use one coin.
This game comes with 10 coins, so you can play 10 full games of air hockey.
You can buy more coins at any time; tap the GET UPGRADES button on the main screen.
Refer to the common features guide for coin information.


The SETTINGS screen has several sections.
In the first section of SETTINGS, you can change how the game performs.
You can change the mallet size and the goal size.
You can change the number of pucks per game. More pucks will require more coins.
You can select an option for less talk and sound effects.
You can select your competitor.
You can change how loud the background sounds are.
You can have the app replay a message if it was not played the first time.
On some iphones, the iphone tells our app that a message was not spoken, even though the message was spoken.
If you encounter this problem, change this setting from ON to OFF.
Refer to the Common Features Guide for more info.