Blindfold Bingo

User Guide


Blindfold Bingo is a fully accessible Bingo game for both sighted and visually impaired people, designed for rapid audio play.
You control this game using iPhone gestures.
First, in the main menu, select the type of Bingo you want to play, and tap that game.
To return to the main menu, swipe up with three fingers.
This is the typical game of Bingo where you dab the bingo card on the correct spot when that number is called.
If you get 5 in a row, vertical, horizontal or diagonal, you win the game.
You start by buying your bingo card for 1 coin.
You can move up, down, left and right by flick in that direction.
To dab your bingo card when a number is called, tap twice.
If that number was not called, you hear a honk.
A ball is picked every 30 seconds.
You can change how quickly balls are picked in the SETTINGS screen, or you can change the setting to give a new ball when you swipe down with 3 fingers.
To hear an entire row, swipe right with 2 fingers.
To hear an entire column, swipe down with 2 fingers.
To hear the last 5 balls that were called, swipe up with 2 fingers.
If you have dabbed a spot, you will hear ding-ling after the number.
In the more advanced games, you can play against up to 3 computer players, you can win coins based on the number of cards other players have purchased.
In general, the bingo winner gets 50% of the coins that were used to purchase cards in the current game.

Saying Bingo

Blindfold Bingo comes with recordings of different people saying Bingo.
The voices were contributed by several of the testers of Blindfold games.
Each time you win, Blindfold Bingo will use one of these voices to say Bingo!
You can record yourself saying Bingo as well, in the Say Bingo screen.
Tap the ADD button, and in the RECORD YOURSELF screen, give your recording a name, and then press START RECORDING.
Yell out BINGO, and then press STOP RECORDING.
To hear your recording, press PLAY.
If you like your recording, press SAVE, and now your recording will be used as one of the Bingos that are announced when you win.
If you want to share your recording so that other people can use it when they play Bingo, press SHARE.
You can also import your recording from a voice recording app, such as the free app VOICE RECORD PRO from DAYANA NETWORKS.
Tap here to get Voice Record Pro.
In the recording app, find an option OPEN WITH OTHER APPS, and select COPY TO BLINDFOLD BINGO.
Back in Blindfold Bingo, give your recording a name, and tap the import button.
Your recording will play once after it is imported, and then you can use it in your game, or share it with others.
Importing from the iPhone voice memo app is not currently supported.
In the SAY BINGO screen, use the INFO button to select which voices are usedin the game, and which are not used.
This list includes the voices that come with the game, the recordings that you have done, and the recordings that other people have made.
Each of recordings that other people have shared are not included in your game until you include it.
Include the recordings you enjoy, and ignore the other ones.

Bingo Games

Blindfold Bingo comes with several Bingo varieties. See the Games guide for details.

How to use coins

To buy a bingo card, you will use one coin.
This game comes with 10 coins.
You can buy more coins at any time; tap the GET UPGRADES button on the main screen.
No coins are used when learning patterns.
See the Common Features guide for more info.

Playing against the computer

When playing against the computer, you can set the number of bingo players and how many cards they purchase.
Each competitor normally purchases 1 card per game. The more they purchase, the more coins you win, if you are the winner.
Giving your competitors more cards decreases your chance of winning, but when you win, you win more.
To find out more about each of the computer players, in the SETTINGS screen, tap CUSTOMIZE COMPETITOR.
To change a competitor’s name, or the number of cards, tap on the INFO button.


The SETTINGS screen has several sections.
In the first section of SETTINGS, you can change how the game performs.
You can turn off the background music.
You can turn off some sound effects.
You can change how quickly the balls are announced.
You can make the cards present each column of numbers in increasing order, so its easier to process the card.
You can have the same bingo card in every game, so its easy to remember what numbers you have.


Simple Bingo

If you get 5 in a row, vertical, horizontal or diagonal, you win the game.

Letter X Bingo

You need to get both diagonals, so that the winning pattern looks like the letter X.

Learning Patterns

You can learn any of the patterns by selecting the Learning Pattern game, and the pattern you want to explore.
That pattern is placed on your bingo card, but the game does not start.
Instead, you can explore the pattern by flicking up, down, left and right.
If the pattern includes the spot you are on, you will hear zip-bop-pop.
Otherwise, you will hear a twang.
To end the game, swipe up with 3 fingers.
No coins are used when learning patterns.
Blindfold Bingo includes the following patterns: Letters X, L, T, Y, U, and the shapes plus sign, cloverleaf, railroad tracks, inside and outside four corners, inside and outside diamonds, inside and outside picture frames, and full house.

Play Patterns

You pick from one of the patterns, and then try to get a bingo with the pattern.

Random Patterns

In each game, you are told the pattern, such as the letter ‘E’ or a plus sign.