Blindfold Simon


This is a simon memory game, where you listen to a sequence and then repeat that sequence.
All action sequences are gestures on your iPhone, such as swipe up, down, left or right, or tapping with one finger or two fingers.

Each time you complete all of the steps in a sequence, you win points and move onto a sequence that is one step longer.

In the main screen, you can choose one player or two players sharing a device. Two player mode is described below.
There are two practice levels and 8 playing levels.
The practice levels have two actions: the swipe up and swipe down gestures.
Levels 2 and 3 have three actions: up, down and left.
Levels 4 and 5 have four actions: up, down, left, right.
Levels 6 and 7 have five actions, the four directions, plus a one finger tap.
Levels 8 and 9 have six actions: the four directions, plus a one finger and a two finger tap.
Even levels are easy, odd levels are wacky. The difference between easy and wacky is described later.

To start the game, tap the screen.
The first two levels are free; to play the higher levels, you must buy the STARTER pack as an in-app upgrade. More on that later.

Scoring points in Blindfold Simon is easy.
Starting with level 2, each time you complete a sequence, you get points equal to number of steps in the sequence.
If the sequence is 5 items long, you get 5 points.

Your points can build up very quickly.
For example, when you start the game at level 2 – which has 3 steps – you get 3 points.
When you complete the 4 step sequence, you get 4 points.
Then 5 steps, 5 points.
Then 6 steps, 6 points.
Then 7 steps, 7 points.
By the time you’ve completed the 7 step sequence, you have scored 3+4+5+6+7 points, for a total of 25 points.

There’s just one catch – if you don’t complete the sequence that you started on, or you get the sequence wrong, you lose all of the points you earned during the current game.
You can end your game and collect your points by swiping down. Or, you can continue to play and earn even more points by swiping up to start the next longer sequence.

Each sequence has two levels, one easy and one wacky.
For example, level 2 has 3 steps, and in easy mode, you are told the actions to make, such as UP, DOWN, UP.
Then you must swipe up, then swipe down, then swipe up again.
Each time you make a correct action, you will hear either a musical instrument sound, an animal sound, an animal name, or a short musical phrase.
If you make a mistake, the game is over.

Level 3 is just like level 2, except it’s wacky.
Instead of being told the actions to make, you are first told what action belongs to a musical instrument sound, an animal sound, an animal name, or a short musical phrase.
Then, you will hear the sounds, and you must figure out the action, and perform it.
For example, if you hear the cow sound mean the UP action and the frog sound means the DOWN action, when you hear COW, FROG, COW,
you must swipe up, then swipe down, then swipe up.

You can learn about the differences between the easy and wacky modes by playing the Easy Practice level and the Wacky Practice Level.

Two Player Mode – Same Device

In two player mode, you share your iphone with the other player.

If the first player makes a mistake, or completes the sequence, the second player goes.
If both players complete the sequence, both players can move to the next level.
If either of the players make a mistake, you can play the level over again.

Game Variations

This comes with two variations of Simon.

Random Simon gives you a different sequence as the sequenes get longer and longer.
Traditional Simon, available as an in-app ugprade, gives you the same seqeuence as the sequences get longer and longer.