Blindfold Snakes and Puzzles

User Guide

Blindfold Snakes and Puzzles is a fully accessible card game inspired by the Snakes and Ladders or Chutes and Ladders, a race game based on luck.
The historic version had root in morality lessons, where a player’s progression up the board represented a life journey complicated by virtues represetnted by ladders and vices represented by snakes. This game differs in that once you roll your die, you must answer a question correctly to take your turn.

You control this game using iPhone gestures.
The objective of the game is to be the first person to get to the spot 100. You start on spot 1.
In the main menu, select one of the Snakes and Puzzles games, and tap it.

Roll your die by swiping down with 2 fingers, and move forward the number of spots shown on the die.
If you land on a ladder, you move up to the higher spot the ladder is connected to.
For example, the ladder on spot 20 takes you to spot 38.
If you land on a snake, you move back to the lower spot the snake is connected to.
For example, the snake on spot 69 takes you back to spot 32.

If you roll a 6, you go again. Otherwise, after you move, your opponent goes.

You can explore the board ahead of you by swiping left to explore backwards and right to explore forwards.
You cannot swipe left of your current position, or right of spot 100.

Ending the game

The game is over when the first player makes it to spot 100, and you must land there on an exact roll.
For example, if you are on spot 96, you must roll a 4 to win the game.
If you roll a 5 or a 6, your turn is over without moving.

Playing For Free – How to use coins

To start a game, you will use one coin.
This game comes with 10 coins, so you can play 10 rounds of Spite.
When you run out of coins, you don’t buy more coins; instead you purchase one or more of the games.
For more info, consult the Common Features Guide.

Your opponents

You can select or change the name of your opponent. Since the basic form of Snakes does not require skill, the skill level doesn’t matter.

Trivia Games

In the trivia game, you must answer the trivia question correctly to move.

After you roll the die, a screen pops up with either a multiple choice question or a true-false question.
The trivia screen is voice-over enabled.

If you answer wrong, your turn is over, and you don’t move.
Your opponent doesn’t have that type of pressure on them.

Timed Trivia Games

This is the same as the trivia game, but you must answer each question within 30 seconds.
You can change the time allowed in the settings screen.
You will hear a beep every 5 seconds.
If you don’t anwer within the allowed time, your turn is over.

Arithmetic Games

In the arithmetic game, you must solve the arithmetic problem correctly. To select one of the arithmetic games, first push the button to PICK ARITHMETIC PROBLEM. There are about a dozen choices, such as Addition with 1 digit, or Multipliy with numbers from 1 to 5, and then press the Arithmetic Game button.

After you roll the die, a screen pops up with an arithmetic problem.
The arithmetic screen is voice-over enabled.

If you answer wrong, your turn is over, and you don’t move.
Your opponent is a computer, so they never make a mistake – that’s why they don’t need to solve arithmetic problems.