Blindfold Sudoku Mini


Blindfold Sudoku Mini is a fully accessible Sudoku game for both sighted and visually impaired people, designed for rapid audio play. The screen does not show the numbers, you must solve the puzzle by listening and imagining the puzzle layout in your mind.
You control this game using iPhone gestures. Tap the NEW GAME button in the main screen to start playing. In the puzzle screen, tap anywhere on the screen, and it will tell you the coordinates and the contents of the square, and sets the cursor at that square. Similar to voice-over, you can also slide your finger across the screen to hear each square. Or, flick left to move left one square, flick right to move right one square, flick up to move up one square, or flick down to move down one square.
The coordinates of a square are always spoken in a man’s voice; the contents of the square – the numbers from one to four – are always spoken in a woman’s voice. If a square is empty, you will hear a beep. If you forget where the cursor is, just shake the phone.
To hear the entire row where that square sits, swipe left with 2 fingers. To hear the entire column where that square sits, swipe down with 2 fingers. To hear the entire box where that square sits, swipe up with 2 fingers. If a square is empty, you will hear a beep. You will hear a ding at the end.
The original values for a puzzle include a tone – you cannot change these squares, and if you select that square, you will hear a honk sound.
To change the value of a square, tap the screen with 2 fingers. A keypad with the digits from 1 to 4, and other buttons will appear.
The keypad first tells you what is in that square. To change it, tap a number; the square changes and you go back to the puzzle.
In more advanced versions of Blindfold Sudoku (with a 6 by 6 or 9 by 9 puzzle board), you can specify multiple candidates for a square. Blindfold Sudoku Mini is fairly easy and does not include the candidate feature.
To restart this puzzle, tap the RESTART button. You will be asked if you really want to restart the puzzle.