Blindfold Wildcard with Friends


Blindfold Wildcard is a fully accessible card game similar to the game known as “Uno” for both sighted and visually impaired people, designed for rapid audio play.
You control this game using iPhone gestures.
First, in the main menu, tap the button “PLAY GAME” – to start playing the game.
In this game, you and your opponents alternate placing cards on the discard pile. You must match either the color or the number on the card. For example, if your opponent plays a red 6, you must play either a 6 or another red card. The WILD card is special; it can be played at any time, and you can then set the color of play, also called the wild color. For example, if you have an WILD card, and you have lots of blue cards in your hand, you can play the WILD card, and then declare that blue is the wild color. Your opponent can then only play blue cards until either you or your opponent changes the color. The first player to discard all of his cards wins the round.
The game can be played with two, three or four players; initially, 7 cards are dealt to both you and the other players, and then one of you plays first.
You will hear your actions and game information in a woman’s voice, and the other player’s actions in a man’s voice.
The top card from the deck is moved to the discard pile, and the first player must match that card. If the top card is a special card, the next top card from the deck is moved to the discard pile until a number card is seen.
There is a cursor – similar to a voice-over cursor – which determines the currently selected card in your hand.
The deck has 108 cards, with 2 cards each of the numbers from 0 to 9 in each of the four colors (for example, there are two cards labeled one red). Other cards available in all four colors are the cards: DRAW TWO, REVERSE, SKIP, WILD and WILD DRAW 4.
To move within your hand, flick left to go in one direction, or flick right to go in the other direction.
To move to the next color group in your hand, swipe left or right with 2 fingers.
You will hear a double beep if you attempt to go too far left or right.
To find out where the cursor is, and to get current playing information, shake the phone.
To hear all of your cards, swipe down with 2 fingers. To hear the top card on the discard pile, tap with two fingers.
To play the current card, tap twice on the screen.
To draw a new card from the deck, tap the screen with three fingers.
If you played an WILD card, you will be asked to select the wild color.
Flick left or right to select amongst blue, red, green and yellow. When you found the color you want, tap twice on the screen.
To go back to the main menu, swipe up with 3 fingers.

How to Play with Friends

You can play with either Game Center friends, or local friends in the same room as you.
If you use game center, you must be logged into Game Center with your username.
If you play with friends in the same room, you will be connecting to them via wifi or bluetooth.

Playing with Local Friends

Both you and your friend should start this game, and tap the button Game Center, tap to change, and select Local Friends.
Then you should pick the game you want to play, such as Wild Card, 2 Players.
The screen will show you the local friends that are playing the game; select your friend’s phone.
Your friend will be asked to accept the invite; once the invitation is accepted, the game begins.
You or your friend can exit from the game at any time, and resume the game by tapping the RESUME button.

Playing with Game Center Friends

Pick the game you want to play, such as Wild Card, 2 Players.
A multiplayer game screen appears, and you can press either INVITE FRIEND or PLAY NOW.
If you select PLAY NOW, and a game is waiting for another player to join, you will join that game.
When you join a game, it might not be the exact game you selected.
You will be told which variety of Wildcard you are joining.
If you select INVITE FRIEND, you can pick from one of your Game Center friends.
They will receive an invitation on their phone, and can join your game.
When they join, they are told which variety of Wildcard they have joined.
Once a game is started, the game proceeds from one player to the next.
You or your friend can exit from the game at any time, and resume the game by tapping the RESUME button.

Coins and Friends

This game comes with 10 coins, so you can play 10 rounds of Wildcard.
If you purchase the STARTER PACK, coins are not needed.
If you select the PLAY NOW button, the game will use one coin from you.
When another player also presses the PLAY NOW button and both of you are matched up, the game will use one coin from the other player.
Coins are not taken until after the game actually begins.
If you want to invite a friend to play, your friend can play for free.
Use the method INVITE FRIEND described above, and the game will use one coin from you, and no coins from the other player.


You play multiple rounds of the game until you or one of your opponent achieves a high score.
The game is over when one player discards all of his cards.
The game is scored as follows: 50 points for WILD DRAW 4 or WILD CARD, 20 points for DRAW TWO, REVERSE or SKIP, and the face value of the card for cards from zero to nine.
The player to discard all his cards first is awarded with the points in each of his opponent’s hands.
Hence in a two player game between you and another player, and you win the round, and the other player has a WILD CARD, a blue two and a red eight, you get 60 points.


In the first section of SETTINGS, you can change how the game performs. Consult the common features guide for other settings.