Blindfold Word Biggle

<h1>User Guide</h1>
Blindfold Word Biggle a letter linking game, inspired by Boggle, for both sighted and visually impaired people, designed for rapid audio play.
It is similar to the Word Flick game that’s in Blindfold Word Games, but has more features.
You want to form as many words as possible in the 4 by 4 square of letters.
Words must be at least 3 letters long.
To start the word, move within the square of letters, flicking up, down, left or right.
When you found the letter you want, tap the screen twice.
To continue building the word, you can move in any direction: left, right, up, down or diagonally, one letter at a time, double tapping each time.
When you have completed the word you want, tap with 2 fingers.
The game will announce your word.
To better understand this, consider row 1: S T O P  and row 2:  A B C D.
You can create the word STOP entirely on row 1, by reading from left to right.
You can create the word POTS entirely on row 1, by reading from right to left.
You can create the word SAT by starting with letter S, then moving down to letter A, then moving right and up to letter T.
You cannot create the word SAD because the letter D is not next to the letter A.
You cannot create the word POP because you can only use the letter P once.
To clear the word you have built so far, tap three times.
To erase the letter you just picked, swipe left with 3 fingers.  To erase more, keep swiping left with 3 fingers.
You can also press and hold 3 fingers instead of swiping left with 3 fingers.
When you enter a word that you already used, you are told the word, and the word you are working on is cleared.
To end the game, swipe right with 3 fingers.
Your score is based on the number of words and their length.
Three and four letter words are one point, five letter words are two points,
six letter words are three points, seven letter words are five points and words with eight of more letters are eleven points.
To change the game to use letter words instead of letters, such as “echo” for the letter “e”, use the settings screen.
You can play on a 4 by 4 board, a 5 by 5 board, or a 6 by 6 board.
You can continue to search for words for as long as you want, or you can play a timed game, such as a 3 minute game.
You can change the timed length of the game in the settings screen.
<H3>Spelling Dictionaries</h3>
You can choose which dictionary to use when checking the word you enter, or when it determines how many words can be created.
The scrabble dictionary uses American English spelling and has about 42,000 words, and has 876 three letter words, 2506 four letter words and 4428 five letter words.  Many of these words are rather esoteric.
The ten-k dictionary uses American English spelling and has the ten thousand most commonly used words, and has 339 three letter words, 1048 four letter words and 1400 five letter words.
The British dictionary uses British English spelling and has about 75,000 words, and has 656 three letter words, 2470 four letter words and 4717 five letter words.
<h3>How to use coins</h3>
Each game uses a coin.
This game comes with 10 coins.
You can buy more coins at any time; tap the GET UPGRADES button on the main screen.
Refer to the Common Features Guide for details.