Braille Spin and Solve


Braille Spin and Solve is a fully accessible braille puzzle game inspired by Wheel of Fortune designed for rapid audio play.

The objective of the game is to find the phrase based on guessing letters and contractions used in the phrase.
Prior to guessing a letter, you either spin a wheel, or buy a vowel or a single braille cell for $250.
After you spin the wheel, you are told how much money you will win if you guess the letter or braille contraction correctly.
For example, if the phrase is “Practice Game”, and the wheel landed on $500, and you picked the letter “C”, you would earn $1000.
If you picked the letter “S”, you would not earn anything.
Once you have made 5 wrong guesses, the game is over.

When the game starts, it tells you the number of words and letters in the phrase.
To spin, swipe down with 2 fingers.
To buy a vowel or a braille cell, swipe up with 2 fingers, but you need at least $250.
To navigate within the puzzle, swipe left and right.
To navigate from word to word, swipe up and down.
To hear all the letters in the puzzle you solved so far, swipe left with 2 fingers.
To hear the letters in the word where your cursor is, swipe right with 2 fingers.
To hear all letters still available, swipe down with 3 fingers.
To hear the category and number of words, number of letters in each word again, swipe right with 3 fingers.

If you can solve the puzzle, instead of entering a letter, you can enter the entire phrase – just start the phrase with a space, instead of a letter.
When you enter the entire phrase, do not use contractions. For example, if the phrase is “A CLEAN SWEEP”, you would type space, followed by “A CLEAN SWEEP”. You would not use the “CL” as the contracted form of the word “CLEAN”.

If you bought a vowel, and then change your mind, just press RETURN, and then you can spin the wheel.
If you are correct, you win the amount indicated by your spin, and the game is over.
If you are wrong, you don’t earn anything, but you have one less guess available.
If you think the phrase needs a special symbol like a single quote, don’t include that symbol in your answer.

Contracted and Uncontracted words

This game works with both UEB and EBAE; you can change which the braille standard in the settings screen.
The game starts off level one, where only one of the words is contracted, and it is a full word contractions, such as the contraction “FR” for the word “FRIEND”. Other difficulties levels are described further on.

When the game first starts, you are told how many letters are in each word, and how many cells are in the contracted word.
You will only fill in the contracted versions of each word.

If you guess a letter that is in the uncontracted word, but not in the contracted word, a man will tell you which words have that letter in it.
However, it does not fill in the puzzle spots.
When you read through the words, a woman tells you which puzzle spots are filled in, and a man tells you which letters that you’ve guessed that appear in the uncontracted word.

For example, consider the word CANDY, which is contracted as the letter C, dots 1,2,3,4,6 , and the letter Y.
When the game starts, you are told that this word has 5 letters and 3 contracted cells.
If, after spinning, you pick the letter N, no puzzle spots are filled in, but a man tells you the letter N appears in the word.

Difficulty Levels

In level one, only one of the words is contracted, and it is a full word contraction, such as the contraction “AF” for the word “AFTER”.
No other words in the puzzle are contracted.

In level two, only one contraction is used in one word.
No other words in the puzzle are contracted.
For example, the word CANDY has only one contraction in it.

In level 3, the puzzle won’t have more than one contracted word in it.
That word may have one, or two or more contractions in it, but only one word in the entire puzzle will be in the contracted form.
Levels 4 to 7 let you pick the number of words that have one or more contractions.

In level 8, all words may be contracted.

Buying and Spinning with Braille Cells

You can buy a single braille cell the same way you buy a vowel.
If that braille cell is in the puzzle, it is filled-in in the puzzle.
In the above example, you could buy the single braille cell dots 1,2,3,4,6.

When you spin, you must enter either a single letter or a multi-cell contraction.
If the single letter appears within a contraction, it is filled-in in the puzzle.

For example, if you pick the letter B,
it would completely fill in the contracted word “BUT”,
it would fill in the first cell of the contracted word “BLIND”,
it would fill in the second cell of the contracted word “ABOUT”,
and it would fill in the first letter of the word “BOLT”, which is not contracted in UEB.

Or, if you pick the contracted letters “AB”, it completely fills in the contracted word “ABOUT”.

If you pick the contraction for the letters “ENCE” used at the end of a word, which is a two cell contraction – the dots 5,6 and the letter E – it would fill out the second and third cells of the contracted word “FENCE”.

Entering dots and contractions

This game does not work with the contractions generated by a braille display, and you cannot enter dot patterns using the braille display buttons for dots 1 to 6.
If you are using a braille display, you must enter the individual numbers of the dots as described below.

Always type a period first to indicate you are about to enter a braille cell or contraction.

For example, to enter the dot pattern 3,4,5, type a period, the digits 3, 4, 5 and press RETURN.
Remember, single cell dot patterns and single letter contractions, must be bought.

To enter a contraction of two braille cells with dots, such as dot pattern 5 and dot pattern 2, 3, 4, 6, type period 5 period 2, 3, 4, 6 and press RETURN.

To enter multiple letters in a contraction, begin with a period, followed by the letters.
For example, to enter ALR for the word “ALREADY”, type period, “A”, “L”,”R” and press RETURN.

To enter a contraction that consists of both letters and braille cells, just begin each dot pattern with a period.
For example, to enter the contraction for the word “HERSELF”, which is letter “H”, dot 1,2,4,5,6, letter “F”, you should type period “H”, period 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, “F” and press RETURN.

Solo Game

In the Practice and Solo game, you play by yourself, and you are allowed 5 wrong guesses. You can change the number of wrong guesses in the settings screen.
A wrong guess for a vowel purchase are not counted.

Regular Game

In the regular game, you play against a computer opponent. You go first, and alternate with the computer opponent.
When you guess a wrong letter, it’s the other player’s turn.
If you guess correctly, your turn continues.
If the wheel lands on BANKRUPT, your turn ends, and you lose all your winnings you’ve earned in the current game.
If the wheel lands on LOSE A TURN, your turn ends.

To keep your winnings, you must either guess the final letter, or complete the phrase.

Play with Computer Opponents

When playing with computer opponents, you alternate turns with a computer player, and your opponent is chosen randomly.
You can purchase the PICK COMPETITOR upgrade, so you can set the skill and name of your opponents.


This game includes over 1200 phrases, such as “More Fun Than A Barrel Of Monkeys”.
You can purchase additional groups of categories. Refer to the categories guide for details.
Normally puzzles are shown only once, so you don’t replay a puzzle. You can change that in the SETTINGS screen.