Blindfold Hopper workout

I was corresponding with a game fan last week, and she was telling me how she plays Blindfold Hopper, but sometimes has trouble:

“If I move my arm too far away from my body, there’s a chance my shoulder could pop out of place. Not only is that horribly painful, but I’d rather not be put in the position of telling emergency room staff that I dislocated my shoulder playing a game on my phone.”

person in spinning chair

I told her that some people play by sitting in a rotating chair, and using their feet, they swing their body back and forth.  She replied: “Oh my goodness. Playing in a rotating chair would be so much fun. I’ll definitely do that.

Keeping your feet on the ground and swinging your body left and right is not only a fun way to play, it’s a good workout of your core muscles.  The machine used in pilates called a pilates reformer can be used to exercise your abdominal muscles in a similar fashion.

Blindfold Hopper – the game she was referring to – is a similar to the old video game Frogger.

In Hopper, you are a frog sitting on a lily pad, and you need to jump to the next lily pad. Using head phones or ear buds, you hear the lily pads move from one side of your head to the other. Each lily pad is represented by a different musical loop. When the lily pad is directly in front of you, tap the phone to jump to the next lily pad.

You can move your lily pad left and right by swinging your arm or rotating your body, and you can jump to a lily pad in front of you, or behind you. Each time you jump, the next lily pad comes a little bit faster. And if you stay on your lily pad too long, an alligator will eat you.


To download Blindfold Hopper:




  1. I noticed that in one post you said Fireworks gets few downloads yet I never see it in the list of games and never knew about it.

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