Blindfold Games #288 – Final Note on Dictation and Punctuation

Luke D, one of Blindfold Game’s visually impaired testers, wrote this to me right after I published the blog about receiving emails without punctuation.
punctuation symbols
Luke writes:
The ironic thing here, is how important punctuation is to us speech users!

For the same reasons as you, I have gotten very good at extracting meaning from 
punctuationless messages, but I was not always good at it.

It baffles me how blind people who depend on pauses in speech (commas), pitch 
changes and pauses (periods, etc.), and other verbal rests, will happily (and 
lazily) write, and these days dictate, messages with no punctuation. All of 
the major dictation engines out there (Siri, iOS dictation, Android, others) 
support the saying of “comma”, “period”, “question mark”, etc., and yet people 
still don’t bother to use it.

For me, it has become such second nature to speak punctuation into dictated 
messages, that I find myself nearly doing it when leaving a recorded voice 
message. 🙂

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